I can hear the crashing of swords

I loaded up a sitrep to YouTube, it was deemed not suitable as it conflicted with the opinion of whoever they consider experts. In other words the ministry of right speak denied me my first amendment right to offer an alternative narrative than the one their pushing down everyone’s throat, thereby challenging their so called “experts” who have been deemed never wrong in their conclusions, however the truth presented to them contradicts what they spew.

This does not conclude the matter, they do not know what they have done, they are not coming up against us, they are coming up against Him who has sent us.

The sitrep will be posted, perhaps the Lord has deemed YouTube not worthy to provide a platform that shares the Truth, an observation of evidence to that fact leads one to that only possible conclusion.

There is something good to note in that when they reviewed the sitrep, they had to watch it, someone out there in the staff at YouTube saw it, and whatever effect it may have had on this person or persons cannot be undone; they have something to ponder, and if nothing else it will haunt them the rest of their days on this earth. I would rather it moved them to action, for their souls are at stake here, and perhaps the souls of those they may touch in some way in the future, for that is the aim of all this after all. How terrible a state, how desolate and empty the prospect that there is not one man who will rise up and stand in the breach at YouTube. Oh God in heaven I pray it is not so, Please Father , is their not one?

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