The hourglass is running low

It is a painful thing to watch, as these events pass before our eyes. Years ago while reading my Bible and pondering the events that Jesus spoke of, as well as some of the prophets, and the book of Revelation, I would try to imagine how these things would come about; I knew they one day would, and the urgency I felt confirmed that they would be taking place not too far off. Even back then I could see that there was an effort to deceive us all by way of mediums of art, film, news, books and such. And observing the slow methodical changes for the worse that were taking place in the behaviors and actions of man in general. As I saw these things taking place and observing the direction they were headed I noticed how oblivious most people were to this advance against us all. They didn’t want to hear it, insomuch that they would make a determined effort to straight-arm any knowledge or conversation that would shine light on the subject. I wondered myself if I was reading too much into it, but I knew I wasn’t. That question that formed in my mind was shot down before I could complete it. You can’t deny the truth, its just there, it doesn’t rust, it doesn’t fade, it can’t be reasoned away, it will not stop being just cause one wishes it to, it will eventually come up behind you and bite you in the butt. Unless you embrace it and find what it is wanting you to do. Its the only way to deal with it. And there are rewards for doing so. I was lead to several places to find others who knew what I knew, I had prayed to the Lord, gee, there had to be some other people out there who knew these things that He was showing me. Well, He answered that prayer, I started to meet others who had been enlisted by the Lord as well to seek the truth, and share it. I also started to see how the way my life had been guided was all in preparation for what He had in mind for me to do. I have a special place in my heart for the soldier, or sailor, Marine, whatever, even those of other countries, enemies included. In the job I had I learned a lot about our enemies, I realized at some point that they were familiar with the same shared burdens we were. They mostly are willing to give up everything for what they believe in. When you have done that, it forms a bond between you, its just there, there’s a certain knowing. I can go most anywhere and it’s the same everywhere, I can spot a soldier out of a crowd or one that had been a soldier just by the knowing. When I was in, I had helped train these guys and gals, to learn how to be warriors, and in the process kept them from harm from the training, and in some situations some of the upper leadership; we called it “Higher”.

As events unfold, I can see the conflict arising within the ranks of our military, and our people in general. Higher is at it again, the direction they are leading is akin to shoveling coal into the boilers of the Titanic at twice the speed they were before it hit the iceberg. Its a purposeful action, it is no accident what they do, its planned, its been going on for a long time and now is near completion. Its a huge trap laid out long ago, and now in the last few hours its just being ramrodded thru by sheer momentum of the last few shoves. They have been offered little resistance, but there is resistance, there are lights in the darkness, and do they shine. Brave souls are standing up, defying the enemy to his face for all to see. Many have fallen this way, silenced from putting voice to the ear, warning of the treason, the treachery, the utterly evil methods utilized by the enemy to further his ends, the assassinations, early deaths, strange convenient illnesses, accidents , disappearing materials of war and word, outright bombings, all sorts of clever methods to keep their goals hidden from the eye. Know this, there is an eye that misses nothing, and their will be an accounting. Does He that formed the ear not hear?, or He that formed the eye not see? And He also is able to bring to light everything in his timing. No matter how dark it gets, their will be light, for He saw that it was good. More will come up, they will rise to the occasion, to do everything to stand, from places one would not expect. These lights give hope, they are proof our redeemer lives, and He will avenge us. It is written and it is settled. The knees of these rats will knock together.

Even in light of knowing that the word of the Lord will be fulfilled and is in that process, it pains me to see what’s going on in regards to this nation. So many have sacrificed everything that was in their power to give, including their lives for what they felt was worthy to do so. The confusion of face being displayed across the country is the crop we reap for what we have sown. The only thing that will stop this, is heartfelt repentance of the whole country, and action reflective of that repentance. Until that day comes, the consequences that this nation has sown will continue to be reaped in this field of destruction we remain in. As Christians we are at the front line of this battle, in prayer on knees , in word, and in deed, it is for us to bring the fight to the enemy’s camp and back him up, and keep pushing as long as our address is planet earth. This place isn’t forever, the enemy would like us to think so, but it is the proving ground for those called to fight. That’s why we are here, to learn how to use the weapons, find where the enemy is, and pound on him with these weapons till Jesus brings the final blow and sends him to eternity.

So lets send some heat rounds downrange, its way past time for this, but no war was won in the foxhole, lets take it to the enemy while we still can, every hour that goes by the casualty count gets higher, if not now, when? If not us, then who? They are forging our chains right in front of us and hardly a peep from the Pulpit, How long shall we wait? to hell with that, Go , Do, Those in the Pulpit have gone over, they encourage your death now, it is left to the true church to do this, not much time left to us for it, we are going to get bloody anyway, let us go out well, as a good and faithful servant. Move out and draw fire. those knees may not run anymore, but on the deck they are faster than the speed of light, instantly prayer is in the throne room. Lets do this thing and go home.


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