For someone in the future – Day 1

It’s cold, very cold, I think it’s the year 2027, or is it 2028, I can’t remember for sure, but it’s close. I don’t think I can hang in there much longer, been hiding for a while, always on the move, found a dry place to hold up for a while about an hour ago, got settled in and out of the wind, its howling today, not as bad as yesterday, but its colder. May be able to stay here for a while, depends on if the weather keeps up, not too many patrols out there today. I snuck into a gas station, not much need for those anymore, and found somebody’s stash of candy bars behind an old clock, the time was stuck at 3:13 am. when the first bombs hit on that night long ago. Who would have thought it would have been on that day. Guess that’s why they chose it. I found some old copy paper in one of those old copiers, and a few pens in an old shirt some gas attendant wore and never had it washed. The shirt had stripes, I remember those. It didn’t keep the grease off but they were some kind of uniform for those guys I guess. Funny the things that stick out, of a time long gone. I saw an old empty bag of potato chips, just the bag, no chips, I can barely remember what they taste like, even a potato would be good right now. At least I’m eating real food, not much but it’s not risky either. I know the others eat human meat and other stuff, its just getting them sicker but they’re so gone it doesn’t matter anymore.

Its good to write, haven’t in a long time, had nothing to write with, its not smart to get too close to ruins and such, too many ambushes waiting, and sickies eating each other, getting caught is not an option.

How did we get here? Long or short? May go short, as I don’t know how much time I have, its a few hours till morning and if I’m careful with the light it will be OK.

It was a few years back now, I think five, gee, time flies. Things were strange, It was surreal, some of us saw it coming, but most were oblivious to it. There were a few believers, as in believers in God, , Christ, the Lord, I don’t know who will ever read this but If your a believer then you will get it, if not, maybe you really need to read it. Anyhow, like I was saying, most folks just didn’t want to know what was coming, they just blew it off like hey, it will get better, no worries, all we have to do is follow what they tell us and it will get back to normal. The signs were everywhere but they just shut there eyes and ears and kept on sucking the matrix juice every day on the news…wait…

…Hold on…

I had to go check something out, heard some gunfire not far off. Anyway, I was saying, a whole bunch of people took the snake bite, they kept pounding it on the news, got to get your juice, have to help out with the fight, lets get this thing won now, if we all do our part, blah ,blah blah, every day they pounded it on the news, they kept at it and then started to threaten people if they didn’t take it, we’ll not hire you if you don’t get it, we’ll not treat you in the hospital, no food, can’t go in the store etc. So a whole bunch of people, millions went down and got it, then they started to hunt down the rest who resisted it. They even paid people to rat out there friends and relatives, bribed them with free stuff, or outright paid them. Unreal, It really did happen. Then, things started to get really bad. All these people who took it, well many of them got sick, many died, and the news covered it up, said it was the fault of those who didn’t get it! You can’t make this stuff up, it really happened, and the president was pushing this stuff, coming out with orders and fining people and companies if they didn’t go along with it, and this was in America too!

But they kept getting sick, and dying, and they couldn’t hide that too well, the bodies kept piling up, they tried to hide it for a while but there were just too many. the companies started closing down, the food started to get real scarce, they came on the news and said it was just temporary, but no one was buying it. Then the terrorists set off a bomb, and they declared martial law. They made laws that gave them the power to take the guns, and they took a lot of them, it was for the greater good they said. a lot of people resisted, but they came in the middle of the night and took them with brute force before anybody would realize what was happening, nobody wanted to get involved or help cause they claimed the people were a threat to the community in some way and everybody was safer with them locked up. Until it was the neighbors turn to get taken in the middle of the night. Then they did it in broad daylight and no one even peeped– I hear something..

…have to be real quiet now, more later…

It was just an owl, haven’t seen one of those in a while, it means there’s some game around, maybe mice, but its better than other stuff, I have a few pellets left, if I’m real quiet I may have a treat for later. I get pellets from an old sporting goods store that’s under water, its not far off the interstate, it was sunk during the big quake back in 22, or was it 23? Forgot to mention that, there was this big quake that hit right before the bombing, it ripped a big swath thru the middle of the country, wrecked everything for a thousand miles all around it, it was big, no one knows how big, some say around a 9 or 10 but it didn’t really matter after that. But the water just came in afterwards and flooded everything that sunk, and there was a lot of land that just dropped from the shaking. Some areas rose up but mostly it just sunk. COMM’s were down and there was no power, the roads were heavily damaged and you couldn’t drive very far if you could even get on a road. Millions of people died, there were bodies everywhere. News was spotty, there were a lot of rumors going around that help was coming, I always felt that was baloney, heck the government was in bad shape before the quake, and the military was already stretched thin with all the wars going on and the draft being reinstated cause of all the guys getting sick from the juice they gave them, and most of the new recruits were not happy about being forced to go in. And there help was not the kind of help you wanted anyway. Before the quake there was a lot of people disappearing in the vicinity of large numbers of military concentrations. They sent people to makeshift camps they set up, and no one ever saw them again once they went there. You couldn’t go visit them because of the sickness, and if you went you would risk being locked up in the camp too. The Russians were promising help and food was brought in, but I never saw any of it, the Chinese came too, but they left shortly afterward. Then about a month after the quake, the whole country was bombed, it was like everything was just vibrating, shaking, thundering, it seemed endless, lightning coming up out of the ground, gases shooting up all over the place, the flashes everywhere, horrendous winds and debris flying everywhere. I say debris but some of it was large, like trucks just falling out of the sky, lots of melted steel in big chunks, pieces of concrete and just all kinds of stuff, brand new rims for cars, weights people work out with, pieces of planes, mostly stuff that didn’t burn easy.

Looks like the sun is coming up, gotta get ready to move , will get back to this tonight, if all goes well, have to meet a friend not far from here, and do it without being seen, might take all day. It will be alright, He goes before me…

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