Where am I? What is this?

This is Fellowship of the Fortified Tower.

We are a blog dedicated to preparing those who are aware of what’s to come in the days ahead.

The mission

The goal here is to make sure that whatever knowledge I have regarding prepping, praying, and protection, is out there for those who seek it. It is my hearts desire that believers and unbelievers alike, are aware of the tribulation ahead, and that they prepare for it however the Lord leads. If He led you to this blog, welcome, I hope I can teach you something new!

Though I will be doing most of the talking, I hope for this to be a place of fellowship and encouragement within the body of Christ. I pray that we can join together, and help each other through the times to come. I fully intend to teach those that don’t know much, and to learn from those that know more!

May The Lord bless you!