For someone in the future – Day 2

Day two. Made it, it was close, there were some drones buzzing around, I hate those things, never know what they’re for, are they just spotters, or recon, or hunter killers?, If you shoot it, it relays where it is, and they just send five more out. It gives those lazy bums something to do, something to report so they can justify there cushy jobs. The trick is hearing them right away, that’s the only way to get enough of a heads up to evade them. I always pray about protection from those things, and do what I can to stay invisible. I always stay inside the tree line when I’m traveling, sometimes it takes me way out of my way but that’s OK, where I am going will still be there when I get there. Some of the drones have pretty good sensors, for temperature, sound, and movement. In the early days of the war, they were everywhere, now not so much, but you still have to be careful. They have other ways to look for you, some are passive, you have to pay attention to what’s around you, fresh earth laying around, fresh tracks of vehicles, piles of gravel they use to cover stuff, construction materials about, any changes that look out of place. If you travel through an area more than once, always take a different route through it, a lot of mental notes. The Russians brought in a lot of dogs, they are very well trained too, I avoid areas where there might be troops for that reason, I know they have dogs. The only warning you may get with those is there heavy breathing coming up on you, otherwise they stay quiet till there right on top of you. If you hear them its because they got someone and are tearing them apart, and if you can hear that you are too close for comfort, for they can smell you if your upwind. In the early days when there were other dogs running loose everywhere, it was easier to avoid the Red Army dogs, but not so any more, If there is a patrol about, there are these dogs with them, They look like a large German Shepard but bigger and more aggressive, they come at you full throttle and would give a lion trouble. When they came for the guns they would just send in the dogs first, they didn’t care if you shot them, they had plenty of them. The blood of there comrades only got them more lusted out for flesh. Man, I remember how it was the first few weeks of the invasion, it was bloody, these guys had a plan, and they were brutal, it had the effect of taking the wind out of anybody who came up against them. The American people had no idea what was coming, how efficient and disciplined they just went through us. They had no restrictions hampering their progress, and that was on purpose; no such thing as rules of engagement with these guys, except one: destroy them, utterly, and report back when you need fuel. If our Joint Chiefs didn’t have their head up somewhere, and had just one more chance to really do their job… well, they can’t, there dead now. Story for another time.

Well, anyhow, I managed to make it to my friends place, I made pretty good progress, had to wait out the drones, but the rest went quick and got there with some time to spare. We had a good visit, had some great fellowship, which is really special, cause there just aren’t that many of us left, we have lost a lot of brothers and sisters lately, and even though we know they are in Jesus’s arms, it still hurts cause we want to be with them too. Just a little more enduring and we will be. My friend has a kind of a refuge / healing/ relay info, type of place. I help out there when I’m around, and bring stuff they need if I can get it, usually I can. Real miracles happen there all the time, never had a want I really needed that wasn’t there somehow. It’s so cool to be a part of that too, it goes both ways. I got some news there too, it has been reported through the country from other brothers and sisters, that the occupation force is looking like its not the numbers it was before, like something is changing. Its not like news travels real fast like it used to, sometimes it takes months to get info, but the time is improving lately, have some horses now, and runners too. I don’t run, except when I’m getting chased, and then not long, but I do get there, not the pony express with me, just the pony. I’m the pony.

Well, I had a good meal, mostly some grains, and veggies they grow here, I need to get some rest, I take off tomorrow for a long trip, have some news to get out, and some medicine and herbs for some wounded folks up north. They need it bad and I have to really move fast, I won’t be running, at least not the whole way. I pray the weather is not too wild, it has been very unpredictable, have to listen for the Lord on that as I go I guess, hole up when He says, and fly when he says go. I’m done, sleep is pulling at me hard.

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